National Rail Notifications - Disruptions To The Rail Network

Pacific National - AHG Refrigerated Logistics rail carrier sends daily notifications regarding to any delays or disruptions to the rail network.
This information is accessible by all AHG RL customers and available daily when any delays occur.
Please visit our Customers page to see the most recent updates.


Derailment Notice - PN 5PS6 Rail Service updates

Further to previous communications sent, recovery and restoration of the mainline continues with no change to the expected re-establishment of services commencing Thursday, 21 February 2019.
As a result, all collections booked for tomorrow's collection (Thursday, 21 February 2019) destined for WA will revert back to normal operation. Please be aware that delivery times are subject to change depending on volumes and availability of services provided inbound and outbound of WA.
See Customer page on AHG RL website for the latest Pacific National notification.
All updates will be published on the AHG RL website as well as social media platforms.

Latest News


Welcome Back and Happy New Year from Stephen Cleary of AHG RL

As we welcome the New Year of 2019, we also welcome all back to work with the hope that everyone had a relaxed, enjoyable and safe break over the Christmas period. Whether you are back on the road, working in the loading docks or in the office, this is a great time to refresh safety standards with your team.

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A Christmas safety message from Stephen Cleary and the AHG RL team

To underpin AHG RL’s commitment to safety on the road and in the work place during Christmas, a message from Stephen Cleary, CEO of AHG RL, has been published outlining our commitment to safety during this time. 

For the full message, view video here.

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Seasons Greetings from the entire team at AHG RL

Here at AHG RL, we all work as one team among many nationalities, faiths and cultures being represented. Valuing inclusion and working together, this is one of our great strengths, and “It’s that spirit that defines Christmas more than anything”... Stephen Cleary, CEO of AHG RL.

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