Foodbank Hunger Report 2018 Partner

AHG RL have supported Foodbank for many years by providing transport and short term refrigerated storage. The Foodbank Hunger Report for 2018 reveals many startling statistics on food insecurity among the Australian population, and by partnering with Foodbank, AHG RL intend to contribute to lowering these as much as possible along with many other national partners.

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Stephen Cleary, of AHG RL, speaks about the Chain of Responsibility

To underpin AHG RL’s commitment to safety on the road and in the work place, a message from Stephen Cleary, CEO of AHG RL, has been published outlining our total support for the Chain of Responsibility. 

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AHG RL Food Defence Standard

In light of the recent media coverage of food tampering within the Australian farming industry, specifically regarding the tampering of strawberries within the WA region, AHG RL would like to re-assure clients that while their product is in our custody, they can be assured that it will get to its final destination with the same integrity that it left the farm initially.
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Pacific National Rail Update - SA Derailment and Further Updates

Due to a derailment occurring in South Australia between Pt Augusta and Tarcoola SA, the mainline is closed with a forecast reopening of approximately 15:00hrs Monday 17th September. For further information and revised freight availabilities, click here.

For all Pacific National Rail Updates, please click here to be redirected to our Pacific National Rail Update forum.

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The AHG Refrigerated Logistics Team Film

Members of the AHG RL team are profiled to talk about what they do, how they do it and the importance of teamwork in the industry.
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Changes to Brisbane rail services and dispatching schedules due to track work

Due to track works, changes have been put in place for Brisbane services for the weekend of Friday 31st of August to Monday 3rd of September 2018. Melbourne to Brisbane Rail Services are affected. Read more for new dates and times of freight dispatch deadlines, and further information. 

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Major disruptions to WA services due to Pacific National derailment

Update, 23rd August: Confirming that the mainline was reopened this morning (Thursday 23/8) as planned. Pacific National trains have now commenced transit on the network as per the attached service plan. To read the full update, click here.

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