16 Jul 2018 AHG RL announces a revised senior management structure

Following the announcement on 28 June 2018, that the HNA purchase of AHG RL would not proceed, CEO Stephen Cleary announced a range of senior management structural changes designed to re-position the company with a renewed focus on their customers, corporate safety and compliance, as well as further improving the refrigerated logistics businesses financial and operational performance.

A central plank in this strategy is the recent launch of CAPcargo, a transport management system developed over many years as a replacement for the three different transport management systems that were in use across the AHG RL business.

Stephen Cleary said, “Thanks to the continued efforts of our team, customer service levels have improved and are now at higher levels than prior to the introduction of CAPcargo,” adding “these new organisational and structural changes will support the business to meet the challenges to further improving service, safety, compliance, operational performance and most importantly, financial performance."

Click here for more information: https://www.ahgrl.com.au/media/1211/ahgrl-revised-senior-management-structure.pdf