21 Sep 2018 AHG RL Food Defence Standard

In light of the recent media coverage of food tampering within the Australian farming industry, specifically regarding the tampering of strawberries, AHG RL clients can be reassured that  while their product is in our custody, our aim is to get produce to its final destination with the same integrity it left the farm with initially.

The AHG RL Food Defence Standard has been developed to identify, prepare and manage food terrorism risks that may attempt to impact AHG RL’s activities, particularly the transport and storage of food products. Not only do these standards seek to protect the integrity of our customer’s product, our standard ensures AHG RL has a strong product tracking system to pinpoint stock handling and activity in case a response to a food terrorism/tampering event is required.

The defence standard is put in place to vigilantly respond to possible acts of food tampering and terrorism such as;
- Purposeful release of viruses, bacteria or other agents, causing illness or death in people, animals or plants. 
- Deliberate contamination of food product in transport or storage with agents.

Food terrorism and tampering agents may include such things as needles, crushed glass, metal fragments or metal shavings, plastic pieces or plastic shavings, and any agent including chemical contaminants, poisonous liquids, biological agents and radioactive agents.

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