28 Mar 2019 AHG RL launches local fleet with Foodbank branding

Since November 2018, when AHGRL announced our national partnership with Foodbank, we have been providing transport and storage services in support of their fight against food insecurity across Australia. 

Foodbank is our “cause of choice” and we’re incredibly proud of the work that Foodbank is doing. Today we launched three of our local fleet dressed in Foodbank branding and highlighting our support of their efforts to tackle the issue of needing to provide millions of meals every month. 

Keep a look out on the roads for these new trucks as we do our part in helping Foodbank reduce the number of rumbling tummies throughout Australia. 

Pictured left to right: Rebecca Collins at Foodbank, Colin Stark at AHG RL, and T J Lim at Foodbank. 

To learn more about Foodbank and how you can get involved, visit Foodbank here
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